Wizard's Tower

$5.00 - $25.00

Key scents: pipe tobacco and sage


The cozy room fills with the rich scent of pipe tobacco and a smudge of magical herbs that leaves you feeling warm and protected.

Key scents:  pipe tobacco and sage

“Oh my, I think I dozed off for a moment there. These young people are looking at me very expectantly. I must have been telling them something important. What was it? Bah, after 800 years, I can’t be expected to keep track of every single conversation. Was it about the Necronomicon? I bet it was about the Necronomicon. It usually is with these adventurous types. Hmm… maybe if I raise my eyebrows mysteriously and just smoke my pipe for a bit, the impatient-looking one on the left will repeat the question. If that doesn’t work, I ‘ll just tell them to look inside themselves for the answer. That always does the trick.”    

— Uzor the Old, Wizard


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"The smell of pipe tobacco is strong and up front with subtle hints of herbs and spices in the background (is that basil? thyme? mint? eucalyptus? who knows!)."

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"The mingling of so many subtle smells at once could easily have been overpowering, but the combination is just right to conjure images of an apothecary shop or a wizard hard at work in his laboratory."

Will Greenwald, Geek.com

"Very fragrant mix of sage, pine, and sweetness."

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"Pop this container open the next time you watch Gandalf smoking his pipe weed and be prepared for a trip to Middle Earth!"

Will Greenwald, Geek.com

"I have a jar of Wizard’s Tower open on my desk right now and it’s a pleasant bit of scholarly scents wafting about."

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"My favorite smell is Wizard's Tower, by far."

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"If I could have this as an air freshener for my office, I would."