Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test


This RPG has a delicious twist that will turn your kitchen into an adventure zone. Gamified cooking at its best!

Turn your kitchen into an adventure zone with Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test!

Cooking with Dice is like a traditional tabletop role playing game, but it comes with a delicious twist. You take on the role of a chef-adventurer, and cook your way out of trouble… in real life… in your own kitchen. Think of it as a CTRPG – a Counter-top Role-Playing Game. Or maybe a LERP – a Live Eating Role Playing game.

The game combines the best parts of an RPG with real-life cooking. You’re presented with a set of character sheets, a scenario, a selection of formulas, roll tables, and a scoring system that allows you  to level up your characters. You can play solo, cooperatively, or competitively with friends and family.

In the first installment of the series, The Acid Test, you’re tasked with helping a pair of acid dragons to impress their friends and neighbors with a legendary cocktail party. But there’s a catch: they want to feature appetizers cooked with acid, rather than fire.

No need for an oven or stove – you’ll be using acidic ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice to take the place of heat (though you might use the microwave here or there to speed things up a bit.) Your goal is to use your superlative cooking skills to blow the socks off of the dragons that hired you. It’s going to take some effort, though. These dragons aren’t easy to please.

To help you on your quest, you’re equipped with ten easy-to-follow formulas:

  • Quickles
  • Ceviche Tomato Bombs
  • Dragonfly Jam
  • Quark and Quackers
  • Mascarpone Rollups
  • Fancy-Pants Mayonnaise Tea Sandwiches
  • Yogurt Freezer Tarts
  • Buttermilk Cheese Critters
  • Poppin’ Lemon Drop Drinks
  • Summer Nachos: Acid 3 Ways

Each of the ten formulas comes with multiple roll charts to help you create your own unique recipes. You can use our roll charts to swap out key ingredients to make THOUSANDS of dishes from each formula. It’s a fun cooking game to play again and again.

**Please note that Cooking with Dice was published by Adventure Scents, which will be the name you see on your billing statement.**