Tabletop Scent Throws (RPG scents)Our tabletop scent throws are designed so that gamemasters to effortlessly add immersion to their role playing games, but they also make a great supplement for classroom activities, LARPs, and other games.

Each scent throw contains about a quarter ounce of our scentFX orbs, and is packaged in a small sealed sachet bag (similar to a tea bag). The throws come in a ten-pack container that seals very tightly and holds up well when tossed in a backpack or duffle bag.

To use during a game, just open the container and toss a scent throw to each of your players. The scent will immediately begin surrounding them without necessarily permeating through the whole room. When you’re ready to move on to another location, just collect the throws, and seal them back in the jar. The scent will quickly dissipate, allowing you to use a series of scents in your adventure if you so desire.

Our tabletop throws generally retain their fragrance for at least 6 months if kept sealed in their container when not in use. All of our RPG scents are available in this format.




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