scented locketsOur scented lockets are the perfect finishing touch for your costume. The hint of scent around your neck is enough to really get you into character!

Each locket is made of brass, and comes with a matching 20 inch chain. It’s presented in a velvet pouch that doubles as a sachet bag. Store the sachet with your costume and accessories to integrate the scent. Or, for a stronger fragrance, wear the sachet bag with your costume!

We have three styles of scented lockets in stock:

Starburst Pattern Lockets with Silver Finish (26mm diameter)silverlocket

Starburst Pattern Lockets with Antique Bronze Finish (26mm diameter)locket

Geometric Flower Pattern Lockets with Antique Bronze Finish (32mm diameter)flowerlocket

Our lockets all come with a single scent pack. You can purchase additional scent packs, or use beads from a scentFX jar in your locket. The scent packs generally retain their fragrance for at least 6 months if kept sealed when not in use.